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The Journey -That Changes The way

You See Yourself

The women I shoot are amazingly real, and although every individual is unique, many women seem changed by our photoshoot. The process of transformation does not only take place during the photoshoot. Seeing yourself so confident in professional photographs changes the way you see yourself. It is a little like writing down affirmations, you leave with a stronger feeling of self-confidence, because you did it, you took the steps!

"An Amazing Portrait as a Legacy"

Even though in your everyday life we don’t always feel sexy and beautiful, we all are showstoppers, perfect in our own way. I make portraits to always remember that, and as a legacy. In this age where the image is omnipotent, I feel like we deserve to have services like our photoshoots, to allow all women to get amazing images of themselves, not just the professional models in magazines.

A portrait is a representation of a person, but it can have so many intents, so much story behind it, we needed to make all our portrait photoshoots unique, completely customized.

You are worth It

Everyday, I try to make one more women happier about herself. Each time it happens I feel so grateful. 

Now take a deep breath, it is your turn and you deserve it !

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Alice Spinelli

Glamour Photographer

I love breathing, sunshine, laughter and the smell of nature. I believe in magic, love, and that everything is still to be discovered. I really think life is a purpose and mine is to make all the people around me as happy as possible. I also love to share and talk about what I do so contact me for a chat, even if you are not ready to book a photoshoot.

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Priya Lodhia

Hair and Make Up Artist 

Priya truly lives her passion, and it shows ! She makes a real connection with every client coming to our studio, makes them so comfortable sitting in our chair, that she illuminates the beauty within them. If Priya is not at the studio, she will be traveling doing  bridal makeup, or discovering the world with her awesome family.

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Olivier Spin

Photographer & Educator 

Besides being my partner in crime, and a great boudoir photographer, Olivier has a real eye for beauty and relentlessly pushes us to go further and do better, even if that requires taking out his guitar and play a tune to motivate us... All of our clients agree that he is the most humorous here.





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